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We are delighted to announce that this year’s fundraising efforts raised a grand total of £1,719 to support our nominated charity “Greenfingers Charity”. Greenfingers Charity are “a national charity dedicated to supporting children who spend time in hospices around the UK, along with their families, by creating inspiring gardens for them to relax in and benefit from”.

Mary Deadman, Liz Cloke and Kathryn Robson with Mandy Rooke from Greenfingers

The MRC WIMM’s fundraising events are part of an effort that started over 25 years ago to support local charities that have a personal connection to members of the Institute but which do not directly fund our research. This year’s nominated charity, while not a local institution, was chosen due to their current efforts to refurbish the gardens of Helen & Douglas house, which provides local hospice care for children and young adults.

This year’s fundraising events included a variety of activities that have now become part of the WIMM’s annual calendar, from plant and craft sales to the infamous Summer Quiz. We would like to thank all those that participated, whether it was by baking, planting, crafting or guessing!