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This December, various teams throughout the MRC WIMM got creative for the Annual Festive Decorating Competition.

Eleven teams entered: the Core Admin Team, Imaging Facility, Chakraverty Lab, Roy Lab, HSCB Lab (Mead, Psaila & Jacobsen Groups), Davies Lab, Higgs Lab, Therapy Acceleration Lab, Simmons Lab, Rehwinkel Lab and Tao Dong’s Lab.

The decorated office and lab spaces were judged on four criteria:

Creativity Use of Space Sustainability Overall Impact


The judging panel, composed of Sally-Ann Clark, Karen Heathcote, Holly Tolkien and Alastair Waugh, visited all the spaces on Friday 15th December. They were very impressed by the overall commitment to sustainability and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the WIMM looking so festive. 

One man and three women stood in front of a Christmas tree.


The winners were the Laboratory of Gene Regulation, who blew the judges away with their immersive Christmas Clinic experience!


Higgs Lab Xmas 23


The runners-up were the Haematopoietic Stem Cell Biology Laboratory and the Rehwinkel Group. The judges particularly enjoyed the HSCB Lab’s Christmas poster highlighting the sustainable practice in their decorations and the Rehwinkel group’s festive fireplace, complete with a ‘portrait’ gallery and cardboard reindeer on the wall!


HSCB Lab Xmas '23

 2nd Place: HSCB Lab

Rehwinkel Xmas 23

3rd Place: Rehwinkel Lab

In addition, Honorable Mentions went to the Chakraverty Lab for their commitment to sustainability, the Roy Lab for their Christmassy journal article and the Imaging Facility for having the most tasteful decorations.


honorable mentions xmas 2023


Well done to everyone who took part and helped to brighten up the WIMM this December!

We wish all members and friends of the MRC WIMM a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!