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The winners of the RDM Image Competition 2017 were announced at RDM Day on Monday 6th March - and the WIMM swept the board!

Entries were invited for three categories:

  • Around Oxford
  • Scientific
  • In and Around the Department

The department received some incredible entries in all three categories and there was some lively discussion amongst the judges to select the winning images, which you can see on the RDM website here, and will be exhibited in the John Radcliffe Hospital in July this year. 


First prize in the Around Oxford category went to Kevin Clark and Christina Rode for their image 'I Love Science' 

Kevin Clark said: "This picture was actually taken by mistake! We had gone to photograph the Milky Way but the cloud moved in a little bit too quickly. This gave us a lovely sunset instead but also some time to play around with something a bit different. The picture is taken on a long 30 second exposure and then we used red and white bike lights to write the letters. You have to do it quickly as the time isn’t very long but if you write a letter, cover the light, take a step to the side and repeat, you can write words! The tricky bit is having to do it backwards. After about 8 takes we finally got it right and ended up with a fun and unique picture about something we genuinely love!"



First Prize in the Scientific cateogry went to Erdinc Sezgin, a postdoc in Christian Eggeling's group, for his image Dancing Bubbles. 

The image shows cellular vesicles. Under the microscope, most of them move. The image is a combination of 30 images, each from different time points. Since they move, they form this dancing pattern when images from different time points are merged.  

Huge congratulations to all the winners - this year was an especially impressive effort by WIMM staff and students!

The full list of winners is as follows:

Around Oxford Category

First Place:

‘I Love Science’ by Kevin Clark and Christina Rode (WIMM Core)

Second Place:

Frosty Leaves, University Parks by Bob Mahoney (RDM Strategic)

Third Place:

Crossing by Peter Canning (WIMM-NDCLS)

Scientific Category

First Place:

Dancing Bubbles by Erdinc Sezgin (WIMM-IMD, Eggeling Group)

Second Place:

The last breath before the firework by Erdinc Sezgin and Marco Friztsche (WIMM-IMD, Eggeling Group)

Third place:

Patchwork Heart by Michael Weinberger (WIMM-NDCLS, Patient Group)

In and around the Department Category

First Place:

The Heart Centre by Bob Mahoney (RDM Strategic)

Second Place:

Concentration by Kevin Clark (WIMM Core)

Third Place:

JR Sunrise by Bob Mahoney (RDM Strategic)

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