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In this festive item, we look at how MRC WIMM researchers turned their science into decorations as part of the 2021 Christmas decorations competition.

Snowflake design against a blue background. © Shutterstock/ibom

From sample-tube Christmas trees, to ornamental chromosomes, a loofha wonderland and a message in a pipette-tip box, the creativity of the WIMM was on full display in this years competition.

An incredibly close contest, researchers from across the MRC WIMM showed their festive flair and creativity across a range of media.

After tallying the judge's choices, I am delighted to announce that the winner of the 2021 competition is the Rehwinkel Group!

'Nucleic acid sensing has never looked so festive' remarked one of the judges.


Entry submitted by the Rehwinkel Group© Rehwinkel Group

 Entry submitted by the Rehwinkel Group© Rehwinkel Group

Entry submitted by the Rehwinkel Group© Rehwinkel Group

See some of the highlights below.


The Drakesmith Group's fantastic video entry is available on their twitter page.

Entry submitted by the Drakesmith Group


The Dong Group shone with a festive display:

Entry submitted by the Dong Group© Dong Group

Finally, the Patel Group. 'Congratulations for making chromosomes the new must-have Christmas accessory for decorating your tree' said one of the judges.

Entry submitted by the Patel Group© Patel Group