Sanger DNA Sequencing


This in-house service is provided for researchers within the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine and John Radcliffe Hospital. A 48 capillary ABI-3730 DNA analyser is used as our main instrument and this has the capacity to process up to 16 96-well plates consecutively. The instrument is currently calibrated to use Applied Biosystems BigDye Terminator v3.1 chemistry for sequencing applications and uses the G5 dyeset from ABI for fragment analysis. The ABI-3730 will cope with most templates, but the quality of the sequencing depends largely on the template quality. With good templates, a typical plasmid sample will return 650-900 bases with PHRED scores of 20. If you have any questions at all about the service don't hesitate to ask – it may be a simple question, but it could make all the difference to getting good data back.

The ABI-3730 is maintained by John Frankland and Tim Rostron and is situated in the basement of JR2 labs, Oxford, with Molecular Parasitology. Tel : 01865 222623 or Ext. 22623/22758.

To use the sequencing service, you will need to download and complete a Sequencing Request Form. Please note, users external to the WIMM, i.e. researchers whose grants are not controlled by WIMM Finance Department, will have to provide a PO number prior to processing of your samples.

Please place samples to be sequenced on the top shelf of the fridge outside Allan Hayle’s office on the 1st floor of the WIMM and completed request forms in the folder on top of the fridge.