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Dr Mira Kassouf recognised as one of the “50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2019”


Many congratulations to Dr Mira Kassouf, a researcher in the Higgs group, recognised for her efforts to break silos in life sciences with entrepreneurship.

New grant to tackle the immune response to ovarian cancer

MRC HIU Obs and Gyn RDM

Many congratulations to Prof Ahmed Ahmed and Prof Enzo Cerundolo, winners of the Ovarian Cancer Action International Grand Challenge Award.

MRC WIMM research shines at this years’ Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

From a stand on new cancer therapies to a battle for the iron crown, our institute had a strong presence in this year’s Science and Ideas Festival!

Promising therapy for common form of eczema identified in early-stage trial


A therapy that targets the immune system showed promise for treating atopic dermatitis – the most common form of eczema – in a small proof-of-concept trial, led by scientists from the MRC HIU.

MRC WIMM hosts Nobel celebration


We were honoured to host a celebration marking this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, awarded to our alumnus Sir Peter Ratcliffe.

Tudor Fulga becomes a Visiting Professor at MRC WIMM


Many congratulations to Dr. Tudor Fulga, who will be joining Vertex Pharmaceuticals as Vice President/Head of Gene Editing and Discovery Biology.

MiroBio launches with £27m from leading life sciences investors


New Oxford start-up is established to develop novel therapeutics based on the expertise of the Davis and Cornall groups at MRC HIU.

Understanding the origins of ovarian cancer

Obs and Gyn

Research into the early detection of ovarian cancer by the Ahmed group at the MRC WIMM receives a boost thanks to a gift of £43,000 from the Dianne Oxberry Trust.

Pre-clinical study able to regrow bone in myeloma model


New research by the Drakesmith group and collaborators shows that BMP inhibitors are able to reverse the main untreatable symptom of the disease.

Sir Peter J Ratcliffe wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2019

Sir Peter J Ratcliffe, former MRC WIMM group leader and currently Director for the Target Discovery Institute (Nuffield Department of Medicine) and Director of Clinical Research (Francis Crick Institute, London) has today been announced as a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

How HIV acquires its lipid membrane shell


The Eggeling group used super-resolution microscopy to show that HIV-1 creates its own specialized lipid membrane environment for virus assembly.

Immune response explained by mathematics of narrow escapes


Study finds that shape of immune cells plays key role in responses to invaders.

Fellowship to study the effects of ageing in haematopoiesis and cancer


Many congratulations to Dr Simona Valletta, a postdoctoral research in MRC MHU, who was awarded an Intermediate Research Fellowship from the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund.

Fellowship success for MRC WIMM

MRC MHU Paediatrics RDM

Many congratulations to Dr Beth Psaila, Dr Supat Thongjuea and Prof Andi Roy who were awarded fellowships to develop their independent research.

Congratulation to our new Professors

Centre for Computational Biology MRC HIU MRC MHU RDM

The title of Professor has been awarded to Hal Drakesmith (now Professor of Iron Biology) and Jim Hughes (Professor of Gene Regulation). Many congratulations to both!

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