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NX is a remote desktop program which lets you to connect to a remote server and run graphical applications remotely on that server. Your local machine acts like a terminal on the remote server. NX connections are secure as they use SSH encryption and authentication.

NX Installation

To install NX Client on your Windows machine download and install:


Once the package has installed, open NX Client:


This should open the NX Connection Wizard:


Enter a Session name and Host Address:



Choose 'GNOME' from the drop down menu:


Click the 'Show the Advanced Configuration dialog' box:


Click the 'Key...' button:


A new window will open:


You will need one of the CCB SSH server keys.
Click this link and copy the appropriate key:

Replace the existing key with the copied server key.
Then click 'Save'


Login with your CCB username and password:


A new window displaying the Deva remote desktop will appear:



To add Open Terminal shortcut to the menu bar, first click 'Applications' then 'System Tools' then right click on 'Terminal'


This will open a sub menu - choose 'Add this launcher to panel'


This will put an icon on the top menu bar - click this to open a 'Terminal' window: