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  • We offer access to our systems and services under the charges described at Account Types. We endeavour to announce any changes well in advance.
  • We make best efforts to maintain our systems so that they are available at all times other than pre-announced service periods, however we do not offer a formal uptime commitment.
  • We automatically register accounts on our low-volume mailing list so that we can contact you with important information. This is an essential part of our service and we do not offer the option to unsubscribe.
  • We provide extensive documentation on using our systems which should be your first port of call for any questions. We also provide an e-mail based help desk for direct support with issues not covered by the documentation. You can find more information at Account Support.
  • We make best efforts to answer help requests promptly, but we do not have formal response times. In fairness to supporting all users equally, we reserve the right to decline requests which would incur an unreasonable amount of effort on our part.

Terms of Use

  • Only you, the named applicant, may access or use your account
  • You must have a valid Oxford SSO account and e-mail address to hold an account
  • You must not store personally identifiable information on our services
  • You must not use software for commercial applications
  • You must correctly cite the original authors of software in publications
  • You must comply with all applicable laws, including the Data Protection Act
  • You must obey all applicable University rules on computer use
  • You must acknowledge any work done using the CCB computer systems or with the assistance of the CCB team

We reserve the right to deny access or to close the account of anyone found violating these terms.