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The charges below reflect the costs associated with the management and provision of increasingly large amounts of data created using new technologies such as next generation sequencing (NGS). The cost of obtaining full access to this service would represent a very small proportion of most research grants, and funding bodies almost always accept this small and easily justified additional cost. Therefore we would encourage all users and participating groups to offset the cost by adding the access charges to future grant requests.

Full accounts:

  • Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM), Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research (LICR) and Department of Biochemistry make a service charge for all researchers to help fund the CCB. There are no additional charges to open a CCB account for scientists at the these departments.
  • Other Departments - A charge of £1000 for each account/username with the CCB will be invoiced annually. A reminder email with the option to continue the subscription to the CCB service will be sent one month prior to the account expiry date. Failure to take up this option will mean the account will be suspended.
    In addition, due to the increased cost of management and maintenance of disk there will a charge of £80 per TB per year of additional disk space. This charge will be levied once 1.5TB is reached.

Proteomics accounts:

Imaging accounts:

  • These accounts are arranged on an ad hoc basis with a variable charge. Please email: for additional information.