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Files can be transferred to and from the server using Filezilla. 

Download FileZilla from:


Scenario 1: moving files between your local machine (PC or Mac) and cbrglogin1.

Once installed, enter the following information to establish a 'Quick Connection' to the server, cbrglogin1:


  • Host:
  • Username: [your CCB username]
  • Password [your CCB password]
  • Port: 22

Click: filezilla_2.png to establish the connection to cbrglogin1.

The files in your home directory on cbrglogin1 will be displayed in the lower right panel of FileZilla. These can be dragged to the left panel in order to copy files from cbrglogin1 to your local machine. Similarly, dragging files from the left panel to the right panel will copy them from your local machine to a directory on cbrglogin1.


 Scenario 2: moving files between cbrglogin1 and a third-party file server.

FileZilla is already installed on cbrglogin1 and can therefore be used to transfer files between the CCB server and any other remote file server (for example, to transfer fastq files from a sequencing facility).

  • Open a connection to cbrglogin1 using RDP
  • Click the 'Applications' menu  /  click 'Internet'  /  click 'FileZilla'



Alternatively, FileZilla can be opened from a terminal within RDP:

  • Type on the command line: filezilla

 Once FileZilla is open, enter the connection details you have been given for the remote server in the Quickconnect settings as above.