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Many common programs are pre-loaded on the CCB system, but some need to be loaded before you use them. You can use the module utility to do this.

module is a utility, which is used to manage the working environment in preparation for running applications. By loading the module for a certain installed application, the environment variables that are relevant for that application are automatically defined or modified.

Display the modules available on CCB by typing:
module avail

You should see (something like) the following:

Load a module by typing:
module add module-name
For example...
module add bowtie

The above command will load the default version of an application. To load a particular version of an application use:
module add module-name/version
For example...
module add bowtie2/2.3.2

Modules that are already loaded by users can be displayed with the command:
module list

A module can be "unloaded" with the commands: unload or rm, for example:
module unload bowtie
module rm bowtie

You can display the help for module by typing:
module help
You should see the following:

If you have any queries on how to use this utility please email genmail.