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Option 1. - OxFile
OxFile is an easy way for members of Oxford University to share files with other members, and with people outside the University. Individual files up to 25Gb in size may be uploaded and kept on OxFile for up to 30 days.
OxFile can be found at:


Option 2. - public space at CCB
We have public directories that are available on the web, so any file placed in:
...will be available online, at:

For example, if the user, "manager" wanted to share a file called example.txt, it could be placed on the system at:
...and be available online at:

Important - rather than copying files into the public directory, we generally recommend making symbolic links to avoid duplicating the file contents. This is particularly useful for large files, such as BAM and BigWig files, when used to display tracks in the UCSC genome browser

Public directories are not made automatically when your account is created - if you need access to a public directory, please email CCB to request the creation of a public directory for your account.

We do not have directory indexing enabled so you cannot automatically see a list of available files on the web. If you want people to be able to download multiple files they will need a list of them all, perhaps as an extra file in your public space.