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Option 1. - OxFile
OxFile is an easy way for members of Oxford University to share files with other members, and with people outside the University. Individual files up to 25Gb in size may be uploaded and kept on OxFile for up to 30 days.
OxFile can be found at:


Option 2. - public space at CCB - the file system /datashare/

This file space is not part of /t1-data/ and has a separate 100T quota (which you can check with the getquota command in the same way as your other quotas).
Every active user account has a private directory at:
...and every collaboration project additionally has a directory that any member of the project can write to at:

To make your data available on the internet, simply copy it into the relevant area of /datashare/. You cannot use symlinks to point to /t1-data/ as the two areas are on different servers. Your user data will appear at:
...and project data will appear at

If you find that you need additional space please contact us so that we can consider your request. It is not possible to allocate quota to projects - all quota is on a per-user basis. Please note that it is not possible to customise web server configuration using htaccess files; if you have a need of advanced features please contact us.

For backwards compatibility purposes, the web address is redirected to point to; if you have previously used the old storage locations /public/ or /t1-data/public/ you will need to copy the necessary files into their equivalent locations in /datashare/.
For example, a file previously in:
...should be copied to:

In using the datashare system, it is important to note that it has no guarantees of security whatsoever and that the data is available to the entire internet at all times. As such, you must not use it to share data which has any restrictions on who may have access.