Drug discovery in neuroscience is very challenging but the need is greater than ever. Perhaps the most important factor for successfully developing an effective therapy, is the identification of human disease relevant drug targets. Our group aims to elucidate the pathophysiological basis of human neurological disorders from genetic molecular networks to complex neural systems using human genetics, human models and human tissue wherever possible.

Translational molecular neuroscience group 9


The group’s research covers human stem cell models of disease; neurodevelopmental disorders; migraine and pain disorders and dementia.

Understanding the disease pathways in these conditions will allow development of better disease models, more effective drug screening assays and ultimately meaningful therapies.




Professor Caleb Webber, DPAG

Professor Simon Lovestone, Psychiatry

Associated Professor Gabriele De Luca, NDCN

Dr Sally Cowley, Dunn School of Pathology

Dr Christoph Patsch, Hoffman La Roche, Basel



Gregory Weir

Adam Handel

Erfan Soliman