Understanding Vascular Changes & Vascular Diversity Over Time To Treat Diseases

Specialized blood vessels (green/yellow) form nurturing niches for osteoprogenitor cells (white) in bone
Specialized blood vessels (green/yellow) form nurturing niches for osteoprogenitor cells (white) in bone


Blood and lymphatic vessels form a versatile transport network. In addition to their conventional role as a transport system, vessels form niches for stem and progenitor cells and provide signals to maintain tissue functions. Vasculature also plays a fundamental role in supporting immune cell survival and transport. But how blood and lymphatic vessels change over time and how vascular ageing impacts the immune system, tissue and systemic ageing are not known. As opposed to the previously considered homogenous nature of vessels, recent evidence indicates the diversity of blood vessels across different tissues. Our previous work shows that the skeletal system harbours specialized blood vessels (type H vessels) that drives bone formation; however, these vessels decline in ageing, leading to loss of bone mass. Blood stem cells residing in bone give rise to immune cells. Ageing is associated with a decline in the immune system and tissue functions. We examine vascular diversity and vascular changes over time with the aim to identify therapeutic targets for ageing and immune system associated diseases. We exploit cutting-edge 3D and 4D imaging to understand vascular and immune cell interactions over time and across diverse tissue and tumour microenvironments.



Postdoc applicants

Doctoral scientists interested in joining the Kusumbe lab should contact Anjali. You should have published first-author paper/s. 

Prospective students

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Lab Members


Junyu Chen (Postdoc): 

Now - Associate Professor, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China


Charlotte Owen-Woods (Postdoc):

Now - Editor, Cell Press


Unnikrishnan Sivan (Postdoc): 

Now - Assistant Professor, Indian Council of Medical Research Fellow, Cochin University, India


Alexandros Chatzis (Laboratory Technician): 

Now - PhD student, University of York, UK


Sina Stucker (MSc Student):

Now - PhD student, University of Marburg, Germany


Joan Mane Pujol (Erasmus funded visiting undergraduate student):

Now - MSc student, University of Barcelona, Spain


Luciana Lippo (Research Assistant):

Now - Senior Scientist, Cignpost Diagnostics, UK