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The Facility staff offers training to every user intending to have access to the Facility. Trainings can be general and aimed at developing user capabilities, so independent use becomes possible, or they can be targeted to a specific application. Training is always free, and is mandatory before unsupervised system usage is allowed.

General training

Every user intending to access Facility resources has to follow training on the corresponding microscopes. Training aims to develop user capabilities and knowledge so that independent use is possible.

We offer general training for usage of:

  • Leica SP8 STED FALCON confocal
  • MicroscopeZeiss 780 inverted LSM confocal microscope
  • Zeiss 880 inverted LSM confocal microscope with Airyscan
  • Zeiss 780 upright LSM confocal microscope with MP laser
  • Zeiss 900 upright LSM confocal microscope
  • Leica SPE inverted LSM confocal microscope with widefield capabilities
  • Zeiss Spinning disk confocal
  • Leica DMi8 widefield microscope
  • DeltaVision Elite widefield system
  • Olympus IX83 TIRF

Normally, training consists of two 2-hour sessions. System introduction is done during the first session, while a standard sample provided by the facility is used to illustrate system capabilities. The second session corresponds to the supervised usage of the system by the user, preferably using the user’s own sample. An extra training session may be required to ensure independent system usage. Hands-on practice is an essential part of the training.

We normally train a maximum of two people per session. Please contact us 2-3 weeks in advance. In addition, to fully benefit from this training the gap between the first and the second training sessions shouldn’t be longer than two weeks. Therefore, plan sample preparation ahead of time.


Ad hoc targeted training

This training is intended for example for the following advanced applications:

  • TIRF imaging on the Olympus IX83 TIRF microscope
  • STED super-resolution imaging on the Leica SP8X confocal with gated STED
  • Clarity imaging with Zeiss 780 LSM upright confocal microscope with MP laser

This training is personalised, and we require the user to have the right application prior to providing support to the project.

Before starting the training, a meeting with the Facility staff to evaluate the project and determine the best approach is required. Following an initial discussion, a personalised action plan is developed. The number of training sessions and the degree of supervision will vary according to user experience and research project demands.

Please contact us 2-3 weeks in advance before the training is required, in order to schedule the meeting and proceed with microscopy session bookings.