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The Wolfson Imaging Centre - Oxford was established in late 2012 with funding from the Wolfson Foundation (Grant 18272).

Since inception the facility has benefitted from further funding from:

  • MRC

MC_UU_12009: Molecular Haematology Unit

MC_UU_12010: Human Immunology Unit


MR/K015777X/1: MICA – Nanoscopy Oxford (NanO): Novel Super-resolution Imaging Applied to Biomedical Sciences 2013-18

  • Wellcome Trust

WT104924A1A: Advanced super-resolution fluorescence STED microscopy of the cellular interior 2014-18

WT107457: Micron Advanced Bioimaging Unit 2016-20.

WT091911: Micron Advanced Bioimaging Unit 2011-15.

  • E. P. Abraham Cephalosporin Fund

CF 252: Optical STED microscope facility

CF ?: Nanoscopy Oxford: Super-resolution optical STED microscope facility at the WIMM, 2014-16

CF 295: Enabling enhanced optical imaging of whole organs by optimized tissue clearing apparatus at University of Oxford light microscopy imaging facilities. 2016-17

  • John Fell Fund

143/089: Matching funds for external applications for acquisition of a Zeiss 880 upright confocal microscope with novel Airy-scan super-resolution detector

  • Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund

2014-16: Enhancement of technological capacity in biomedical research: Wolfson Imaging Centre Oxford

2013-14: Containment level 3 super-resolution STED imaging of live virus host-cell interactions'