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We provide the following services and training:

  • Single cell/ small sample RNAseq: Any commercial kit, Smartseq2, CelSeq2, Fluidigm C1, and 10X Chromium droplet RNASeq
  • Genomic Sequencing: Any commercial kit (usually Qiagen RepliG, which can also be miniaturised)
  • Targeted Gene Expression (Fluidigm Biomark, BD Precise Assay, RNAscope, PrimeFlow
  • CITE-SEQ/REAP-SEQ: RNA and Protein from the same cell
  • ATAC SEQ: 1-500 cell ATAC Seq preparation
  • Illumina Nextseq Sequencing
  • Robotics and Automation: QPCR, library prep, assay miniaturisation.
  • FACS Sorting: Simple FACS sorting with the Sony SH800.
  • NanoString training and access.