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Simon McGowan

BSc (Hons); MSc; PhD

Computational Biologist

I am a bioinformatician specialising in the analysis of high-throughput genome and exome sequencing experiments and have developed web tools to allow the storage, filtering and visualisation of genomic data. These include MIG (Multi-Image Genome), miR-CRISPR, HEM, Capsequm and Sasquatch. I have generated a number of sample and clinical databases for research groups at the WIMM and have developed a variant analysis database to store and query predicted variants arising from genome-wide sequencing.

Prior to my time at the Computational Biology Research Group (CBRG) in the WIMM, I worked as a bioinformatician for four years at Oxford GlycoSciences (OGS) - a biotechnology/proteomics company. While at OGS I developed novel analysis methods for the interpretation of proteomics data, and initiated and developed a project to use this data in the annotation of the human genome.

During my PhD studies at the University of Warwick, I examined the light-induced production of carotenoids in Myxococcus xanthus. I then completed two post-doc positions in the lab at Warwick University and at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, where my work centred on carbapenem antibiotic biosynthesis in Erwinia carotovora.



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