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Lorena Preciado-Llanes

MSc, PhD, MD

Postdoctoral Researcher

After obtaining my medical degree, I undertook a Masters and PhD in infection and immunity at the University of Sheffield. Prior to moving to Oxford I have worked in postdoctoral positions at both the University of Sheffield and the University of Liverpool.

My research interests include innate and adaptive immune responses against invasive and non-invasive bacteria, as well as the effects of bacterial infection on the intestinal microbiome. I use a wide range of immuno assays based on large flow cytometry panels, including antigen presentation co-cultures, intracellular staining and T cell cloning. Further projects incorporate the use of single cell RNAseq and CyTOF to characterise rare mucosal T cell populations.

In collaboration with the Oxford Vaccine Group and the Cerundolo Lab, I am currently working on gut mucosal T cell antigen responses against Typhoidal Salmonella, using a human infection model. This project is designed to identify correlates of protection against invasive Salmonella infections and explores how cross-reactive immunity is involved. My contributions will be extended into the clinical field in Malawi where I hope to validate the findings of my research.