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Leyuan Bao

BSc; MSc; PhD

Postdoctoral research scientist

I obtained BSc degree in Clinical Laboratory Medicine in Tianjin Medical University, China and MSc degree in Immunology with in the same University. During the latter, I carried out a research project that is to test pre-clinical effect of immunosuppressive and anti-tumor peptides in vitro and in vivo. In 2007, I obtained the Oversea Research Scholarship from the UK and started PhD with Dr. Vas Ponnambalam in Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Leeds. The research project was to study VEGF receptor protein-protein interactions in human endothelial cells using genetics, biochemical and cellular methods. From January 2011, I started my postdoc position with Prof. Terry Rabbitts at Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine at University of Leeds and MRC hematology Unit at University of Oxford.  My research project is to carry out research on leukemia animal model using cre-loxp system and the function of oncogene proteins in cancer with specific reference to leukemia, also to develop single domain antibodies for targeting specific protein-protein interactions. Since Dec 2013 that I work in the Simmons lab I in the MRC human immunology Unit at University of Oxford on human Crohn’s disease, undertaking mechanistic studies on innate immune sensing, focusing on cell signalling, protein interaction, mitochondrial function and cell metabolism.