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Kate Wray

Research Assistant

I work as a research assistant in Hal Drakesmith's group where I primarily consider hepcidin, the iron regulatory hormone, from a global health perspective. We have explored its potential for use as a diagnostic of iron deficiency in a number of environmentally and physiologically different populations. I also contribute to work within the Drakesmith lab that investigates hepcidin and iron status in the context of inflammation and infection.

I addition to this, I have supported the work of Dr Noémi Roy in her development of the Oxford Red Cell Panel, a diagnostic sequencing service within the John Radcliffe that screens for mutations linked to rare congenital anaemias. I continue to work in this area through exploration of potentially disease-causing variants that have been identified by whole genome sequencing.

I hold an MBioch from Oxford University, graduating in 2012 following a research project relating to localisation of mRNA in the neurons of fruit flies, and began work in the Drakesmith lab in 2014.


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