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Jelena Telenius

Computational Biologist

I am a post-doctoral bioinformatician in the Genome Biology Research Group of Prof Jim Hughes.

My aim is to equip everybody in the group with easy-to-use but yet flexible basic analysis tools and pipelines, to enable each lab member to analyse their own NGS data (DNaseI-seq, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, Capture-C, etc). We also automatically store this data in easy-to-browse structures, ready to be used in further analysis.

My development is user-driven, and all my users are also alpha and beta testers of all my codes, should they wish to.

I aim towards robust codes, where basic analysis and quality control is automated, transparent, well-documented, and visualised in easy-to-interpret manner.
I hope my codes may serve both the seasoned analysts and beginners alike.

My tools can be browsed here :