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Research groups

Corinna Kulicke


DPhil Student

I am a postgraduate student in the Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine DPhil programme and I am especially interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of antigen presentation. In my DPhil I am focussing on the presentation of bacterial small molecule antigens to mucosal associated invariant T (MAIT) cells in particular. Under the joint supervision of Vincenzo Cerundolo, Paul Klenerman, and Mariolina Salio I am using a combination of genetic screening, RNASeq, flow cytometry, and biochemical approaches to elucidate how these non-classical antigens are presented by the MHC class I-related molecule MR1.  When I am not in the lab, I like to help inspiring future generations of scientists as part of Oxford Hands-On Science (, a public engagement initiative which I helped start in 2015.  

I also sit on the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee and the MSDTC Management Committee as the student representative for the Medical Sciences Division Doctoral Training Centre.