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Ana Belen Miar Cuervo


Postdoctoral researcher

My research focuses in studying the effect of the long-noncoding RNA NEAT1 under hypoxia in breast cancer. NEAT 1 is thought to retain A-I edited transcripts in the nucleus.

My work now is based on analyzing A-to-I editing, which is a post-transcriptional modification performed by ADAR enzymes which deaminates adenosines to inosines. This process is fundamental in some neurological disorders and there is not much information about its role in cancer. It is also regulated by the type I interferon (IFN) pathway, and it can modify the aminoacid composition if it occurs in the coding region of an RNA, or generate a new splicing isoform, change intron retention, mRNA transport or microRNA binding.

I am studying how hypoxia affects A-to-I editing and the type I IFN pathway, and the consequences on the tumour microenvironment, by altering immune cell recruitment.  For the bioinformatic analysis of A-to-I editing I am collaborating with Dr Anastasia Samsonova and Dr Alexander Kanapin in the Bioinformatics Core (Department of Oncology, University of Oxford).