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Please find below a selection of method papers that we can recommend as a starting point for sample preparations

Zeiss Axioscan Z1 automatic Slide scanner


Huyghe et al.: Multiplex Immunofluorescence Combined with Spatial Image Analysis for the Clinical and Biological Assessment of the Tumor Microenvironment, Jove protocols, 2023

Paper link

This sample preparation of FFP sections is also suitable for any other confocal/ widefield microscope.

Miltenyi Blaze Ultramicroscope


Miltenyi clearing and staining protocols for different tissue types to image cleared samples in Ethyl cinnamate. The sample preparation for 3D imaging requires the optical clearing and immunostaining of opaque tissues with different properties/ molecular compositions which require bespoke protocols for the tissue clearing and staining to achieve optimal results.

Mouse brain

Mouse Brain with retaining transgene derived fluorescent signals

Organoids and spheroids

Mouse lung/intestine

Mouse lymph nodes

Mouse spleen kidney and liver