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We provide the following services and training:

  • Single cell RNAseq plate based assays e.g.Smartseq2&3, CelSeq2, FB5P-Seq (5' RNAseq), Target -Seq (3' RNASeq). 
  • Single cell RNAseq on any of our microfluidic platforms: Fluidigm C1, Chromium, BD Rhapsody, Bio-Rad ddSeq.
  • Single cell ATAC SEQ and combined single cell RNA/ATACseq
  • Single cell SNP/CNV/genotyping using MissionBio Tapestri.
  • Single cell Proteomics, BD Rhapsody, Bio-Rad ddSeq, Drop-seq, Tapestri
  • Standard RNASeq (small cell numbers or RNA) - Smartseq2/3 for full-length, 3' Pool-Seq for 3' Prime. FB5P-seq for 5' Prime.
  • Any commercial genomics kit.
  • Spatial transciptomics - 10XGenomics Visium, probe based assays, Slide-Seq.
  • Targeted Gene Expression (Fluidigm Biomark, BD Rhapsody, 10XGenomics Chromium)
  • CITE-SEQ/REAP-SEQ: RNA and Protein from the same cell using antiboodies
  • Antibody Oligo conjugation service.
  • Fixed cell RNASeq
  • Illumina Nextseq Sequencing
  • Robotics and Automation: QPCR, library prep, assay miniaturisation.
  • FACS sorting available through the WIMM FACS Facility

Workflows for scRNA/snRNA seq:

scRNA/snRNA seq Workflows