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Our CCB cluster is storing sensitive data and sometimes research secrets.  Therefore, we have our own conventions to keep the users accountable for the data.

Project Spaces

We provide personal directories and project spaces. Principal investigators can create multiple project spaces to share with multiple research collaborators. This helps researchers to share data on need-to-know basis. In each project space, each participant has a dedicated directory. This keeps the participant accountable for the collected or generated data pieces.

Scratch Drives

Scratch drive is available when a program runs as a SLURM job. Each worker node of JADE has an unmetered and directly-attached drive space as specified by $TMPDIR environment variable. This allows you to work on temporary large files independent from the network and your original storage quota, such as starting a temporary database for sequence matching.

To avoid resource and data leakage, the temporary directory is automatically removed after use.


We provide a straight-forward mechanism for sharing data over the Internet so it can be downloaded by other people. Unlike hiring from a typical web hosting, our data share service runs on the same distributed file storage system. Files can be moved and copied with little efforts.

Please note that only data classified as 'Public' may be shared in this way.

Sequencing Service

As a member of WIMM, you can request sequencing services for your samples. Upon successful analysis, an automated process creates an archive file and sends you an email. The email tells you the exact name of your archive and its location.

The result archive file is stored free of additional charge on CCB for 28 days. The archive file sits on a separate directory which you, with a valid CCB user account, can download it or copy it to your project storage.