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The Women in Science Committee regularly invites internal and external scientists at different stages in their career to talk about their personal and professional experiences, work/life balance and career paths. These seminars, open to men and women, are intended to show the diversity of career paths and to provide role models to younger scientists.

The committee is always keen to receive suggestions of potential speakers. Please do email if you would like to suggest someone.


Upcoming Seminars:

Spring 2018: Three scientists from the MRC WIMM will discuss their work/life experiences


Selection of past seminars:

February 2018

Millie Banerjee- career seminarMillie Banerjee, Chair of NHS Blood Transfusion

“Is hard work enough to be successful? A perspective from experiences in Government, Business and Health Care”


January 2018

Maria Leptin, Head of EMBO

Open discussion with MRC WIMM women scientists


November 2016

Rui Monteiro (BHF Intermediate Fellow) and Lynn Quek (Oxford/Celgene Fellow, Consultant Haematologist) provided individual perspectives on their career paths.


May 2016

Angela Vincent (Senior Scientist), Katja Simon (Senior Scientist) and Paresh Vyas (Senior Clinician Scientist) provided individual perspectives on their career paths.


May 2015

Irene Roberts (Senior Clinician Scientist), Marella de Bruijn (Senior Scientist) and Tudor Fulga (MRC WIMM Fellow) provided individual perspectives on their career paths.


October 2014

Amanda Fisher, Head of the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Imperial College, London, launched our seminar series.