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Entries for the MRC WIMM Christmas Decorating Competition 2022

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the MRC WIMM!

This week the Christmas Decorating Judging committee toured the labs, enjoying the creative festive creations!

The winning group will be announced at the WIMM Christmas Party this evening.

See a selection from each entry below:

 Genome Engineering/Transgenics Facility

In the facility we were treated to a festive narrative about genetic engineers making gene edits which were then delivered by Father CRISPR to the PI snowman. Fuelled by excellent puns and a wonderful cast of toy mice, ‘Merry CRISPR mouse’ certainly captured the imagination of the judges.

Chapman Lab

Sustainability was the theme in the Chapman Lab this year, with pipette box inserts used to construct three dimensional geometric christmas trees. The judges were joyed by the welcome from the snowman surveying the lab as they entered the room. On the windows were intricate snowflakes, and on the windowsill a family of laboratory reindeer, with the glove reindeer catching everyone’s attention.  


Higgs Lab

Musical talent shone in the Higgs lab as the group formed their own haematopoietic version of the twelve days of Christmas. From a zeta globin gene, to five super-enhancer elements, the 12 days of science-mas had toes tapping.

Rehwinkel Lab

From a pipette-tip box insert ‘present’ to Eppendorf christmas lights, every corner of the Rehwinkel Lab gave a different festive delight. Of particular note were the festive research articles exploring the fluorescence proteins of Rudolph’s nose, agarose Christmas scenes and the levitation properties of reindeer noses. ‘Impressive publications in seasonal journals’ noted Judge Ross Chapman.

Roy Lab

Recycling was the focus of the Roy group’s display, with a festive Christmas wreath, beautifully wrapped presents, decorative snowflakes and a christmas scene featuring a lab snowman, reindeer and Santa. It was clear from the display that all Christmas trees should come with toy immune cell decorations!