Zebrafish & Xenopus Facility


The zebrafish and Xenopus facility is available to scientific groups within the WIMM. We can offer advice and training for a wide range of genetic, anatomical, developmental, cellular and molecular projects, including:

If you would like to use our service and are new to the fish and frog systems we can offer expert advice from the outset. This includes the initial planning of the strategy and design of the experiments as well as advice on husbandry requirements.  All work will need to be performed under your own project license (PPL), we can advise amendments to your current PPL or help create a new one.

The facility has four procedure rooms, an animal observation unit and five independent units for holding animal colonies. The fish facility is distributed over four rooms with an approximate total capacity of 55,000 animals. The frog facility has its own dedicated unit with a current capacity of approximately 110 animals.

More information including tank charges are available on request.

For further information please contact Professor Patient (Scientific Director for facility): roger.patient@imm.ox.ac.uk