Molecular signatures and computational biology of patient stem cell derived dementia models

Supervisor:  Prof Zameel Cader

Induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC) are revolutionising experimental medicine and particularly the study of neurological disorders. The reprogramming adult skin or blood cells to a stem cell state and then into neurons is allowing access to the cells bearing the brunt of disease. Brain disorders such involve a variety of cell types ranging from cortical neurons, astrocytes, endothelium and peripheral sensory neurons. Such cells can be co-cultured to study cellular interactions. Cell cultures can also be exposed to stressors such as cytokines or inflammatory agents.

Using stem cells from patients with Alzheimer's patient, this project will use the latest molecular profiling techniques to investigate the selective vulnerability of different cells. This will include transcriptomics and proteomics, which will be combined this functional studies. Ultimately new drug targets will be identified for the development of novel therapies. 

For further details, please contact: Prof Zam Cader or Dr Caleb Webber