How Does It Work

Each of the scientific groups in the Institute is either autonomous, responsible for raising its own funding within a University Department, or part of a larger grouping as an MRC Unit.  When a younger scientist has wished to expand his or her team after obtaining a Senior Fellowship or Programme Grant, he or she has been re-housed in the parent department in the Clinical School.  This has strengthened the links with the clinical departments and has been a very successful feature of the Institute.

testtubeScientists from the Institute have been recruited to many leading positions in this and other Universities and elsewhere.  They include Kay Davies to the Chair of Genetics and then Anatomy University of Oxford, Tony Monaco to Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and then on to become the Pro Vice-Chancellor Planning & Resource at the University of Oxford, John Bell to Nuffield Professor of Medicine and then Regius Professor of Medicine University of Oxford, Peter Ratcliffe to Nuffield Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford, Chris Higgins to Director of the MRC Clinical Research Centre Imperial College School of Medicine, London and then Vice-Chancellor of Durham University, Gavin Screaton to the Chair of Medicine at Imperial College, London,  Charles Bangham to Professor of Immunology Imperial College School of Medicine, London, Frances Gotch to Professor of Immunology Imperial College School of Medicine, London, Paul Moss to Professor of Haematology University of Birmingham, Jonathan Frampton to Professor of Biochemistry University of Birmingham, Peter Harris to Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Mayo Clinic, Paul Crocker to Reader in Biochemistry, University of Dundee and Roy Bicknell to Professor of Oncology University of Birmingham, Ann Harris to Director of Human Molecular Genetics Program, Northwestern University, Chicago and Trivadi Ganesan to Director of the Amrita Institute of Medical Research in India.

Matters of day to day running are decided by the Director in consultation with a small Advisory Group comprising senior group heads representing the University groups and the MRC Units.  This group meets at monthly intervals.  The Director chairs a termly meeting of all group heads.  Once a year he reports to the sponsors; the University and the MRC.  There is an External Scientific Advisory Board comprising distinguished scientists (Professors Tim Hunt, Kay Davies, Mark Davis, Kim Nasmyth, Stuart Orkin, John Stamatoyannopoulos, Peter Donnelly, Irv Weissman, Wendy Bickmore, Matthew Freeman, Peter Ratcliffe and Hugh Watkins) who visit once a year.  The work of each group is monitored by its own funding bodies and the overall scientific activities of the Institute are assessed by quinquennial scientific reviews.