Updating/amending existing WIMM GM Risk Assessments, CL1

All new GM risk assessments, updates, changes, information on new imported transgenics, and new micro-organisms must be notified to the University Safety Office. To do this, contact Allan Hayle before approaching the University Safety Office.

Amendments to GM risk assessments can be made at any time during the year, as necessary. This includes:

- adding names of other supervisors from the WIMM (for collaborations)

- adding new hosts/vectors/inserts (only IF the containment level is not affected, and if the overview of the project is more or less the same).

Note: significant changes to CL2 and CL3 projects may require notification to HSE, and therefore require a fee. If you need to update one of these, please e-mail Allan Hayle, or Tracey Mustoe at the University Safety Office, for advice.

In a new Word document (no forms), write an amendment to your existing risk assessment, including:

1) Supervisor(s): (note: if you're just adding a new supervisor to your risk assessment, complete step 2, skip 3, 4, 5, and e-mail only the word document to Allan Hayle)

2) IMM reference number and title of original GM risk assessment

3) Short 'aim' for the new aspect of the project

4) A list of what's new (host/vector/insert), and why the new thing(s) (and the resulting GM-microorganism-or-whatever-it-is) won't have harmful effects

5) End with a line similar to: "Therefore, the containment level remains the same, CL1."