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Structure of the Institute

The WIMM is not a University Department but rather an Institute that accommodates principal investigators and their groups from various University Department within the overall umbrella of the Division of Medical Sciences (University of Oxford). The Institute hosts two MRC University Units; the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit and the Human Immunology Unit.

Bacterial plate w colonies2Within this structure there are currently approximately fifty independent groups, all of whom are attached to a clinical department and are responsible for raising their own research funding.  In addition, there is a core administrative service, which is based in the Institute, which maintains the high quality environment.  The groups remain in the building so long as their research is productive and attracting support.  The research teams are independent and remain attached academically to their parent clinical departments.  In this way the Institute has successfully encouraged close integration of basic and clinical scientists generating a critical mass of scientific expertise and facilities that has attracted both non-clinical scientists and young clinicians who wish to train in molecular medicine and tackle problems of particular interest to their parent departments.