Single Cell Gene Expression

BioMark Targeted Gene Expression Analysis

Gene Expression Dynamic Arrays (48:48 or 96:96) that allow up to 96 cells to be analysed separately for expression of 96 genes using microfluidics, when used with the Fluidigm Biomark realtime PCR machine.


Various integrated fluidic chip (IFC) formats are available that allow 48 or 96 single cells to be analysed for expression of 48-96 genes. The Fluidigm microfluidic architecture does the work of automatically combining samples, reagents and primer-probe sets into thousands of PCR reactions using significantly smaller reagent volumes as compared to traditional systems. Each microfluidic plate generates 24-fold more data than that produced by a standard 384-well plate. These IFCs allow you to radically reduce hands-on time and total time to results while increasing the data accuracy of your gene expression or SNP genotyping studies.



Each IFC uses fluidics for combining samples and assays into 2,304 or 9,216 parallel PCR reactions.

That’s up to 24 times what you get with a 384-well plate, and it only takes 15 minutes of hands-on time to load a chip.

The general workflow for a 48:48 gene expression assay can be found here.

The BioMark is in the Mead Lab in room 343.

How it is booked

Training is provided by the single cell facility manager and once users are trained they can book access via the Agendo system.

Ordering assays

The list of reagents is provided on the SOPs. 

Typical Biomark gene expression heat map for single cells and 100 cell samples


Fluidigm Biomark Update:

We now have IFC loader to accommodate the 24:192 chips. These chips can analyse 192 samples (single cells upwards) for 24 genes.