Reagents for HLA typing and ARMS-PCR


10X NH4 buffer 3 ml

100mM dNTPs 240ul

50mM MgCl2 1.2 ml

Water 19.6 ml

Dispense in 1ml aliquots and freeze at -20C.


10X 13 ml

100mM dNTPs 923ul

50mM MgCl2 5.19 ml

Water 30.89 ml

Dispense in 1080ul aliquots and freeze at -20° C.

To set up a 192 well HLA typing (2x96 well plates)

TDMH 1080ul

Bioline Taq 10ul

DNA 50ul

Water 570ul

Aliquot 207ul into 8 wells of falcon plate and use repeating pipettor to add 8ul to each well of 192wp.