Jordan Translational Medicine Lecture

Professor Craig Jordan (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center) has very kindly provided a donation to support an annual lecture in the area of translational research, the Jordan Translational Medicine Lecture.

Professor Jordan has done major work in pharmacology in clinical translation in the area of non-steroidal anti-oestrogen drugs.  He discovered the scientific strategy for long-term Tamoxifen therapy and chemoprevention that has resulted in dramatic improvement of breast cancer survival. Professor Jordan has been named by the American Society for Clinical Oncology as one of 50 individuals who are recognised of translating molecular and cell biology research into clinical utility and the Jordan Translational Medicine Lecture is one manifestation of this enthusiasm for developing this area of research.

After the initiation of the Translational Medicine Lecture Series Professor Jordan gave the first lecture in 2013 ("Evolution of Endocrine therapy for Breast cancer - the Paradox of Estrogen Induced Apoptosis", on 4th November 2013). The second lecture being delivered in 2014 by Professor Rudolf Jaenisch, (“iPS technology, gene editing and disease research”, on 9th October 2014) from the Whitehead Institute and Dept. of Biology, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA. The subject of the lecture by Professor Jaenisch was illustrating new technologies of gene editing through the utilisation of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology and also recent work about iPS development. The lecture highlighted the possibilities for translation research involving gene editing, gene correction and gene therapy. The third lecture was presented by Professor Sir Adrian Bird ("Genetic and epigenetic roots of an autism spectrum disorder", on 5th November 2015). Professor Bird’s lecture concerned basic discoveries in molecular biology about DNA methylation and CpG islands and how this related to understanding the aetiology of RETT syndrome. The lecture illustrated the importance of basic research to provide knowledge for translational research.

Lecture Series


Craig Jordan

Evolution of Endocrine therapy for Breast cancer - the Paradox of Estrogen Induced Apoptosis


Rudolf Jaenisch

iPS technology, gene editing and disease research


Adrian Bird

Genetic and epigenetic roots of an autism spectrum disorder


Tasuku Honjo

Cancer immunotherapy by blockade of the lymphocyte surface receptor PD-1