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The Institute is keen to engage with the public through various types of outreach events. These currently include visits to the local community, an annual seminar series open to the public, work experience for older school children and undergraduates and meeting patient support groups.

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The stem cell that keeps you topped up with blood

Red blood cells

Our blood is made up of a huge number of different cell types responsible for oxygen distribution, blood clotting and fighting infection. So, have you ever wondered where all these different blood cells come from? Believe it or not it is down to one type of cell, called hematopoietic stem cells, which can give rise to which ever blood cell type the body needs. In this blog post Christina Rode discusses and visually explains where these cells come from, what they do and why they are so important.


A zebrafish genetic toolkit to understand development


Development is complex business – from the moment a sperm fertilises an egg, a cascade of biological processes is set in motion. Small changes in this cascade can cause a number of different developmental conditions, and so trying to tease apart the stages is important to help find the causes and highlight potential treatment options. Here, Vanessa Chong discusses a new method the Sauka-Spengler Lab has developed to understand the nuts and bolts that regulate these developmental changes in a very special set of cells.

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