Drosophila Transgenic Facility

The Drosophila transgenic facility is available to scientific groups within the WIMM. We can offer advice and training for a wide range of genetic, anatomical, developmental, cellular and molecular projects, including:


1. Two large temperature/humidity controlled Drosophila rearing chambers operating at 18°C and 25°C. Produced by Darwin Chambers, and used by major Drosophila stock centers (Bloomington Stock Center), these exceptionally reliable incubators use a solid state thermoelectric Peltier cooling system.

2. One temperature/humidity/light controlled incubator for controlled circadian timing experiments.

3. Six dissection stations equipped with LED Leica stereo microscopes, and anesthesia stations powered by a central humidified CO2 line.

4. One Leica fluorescence/brightfield microscope and image acquisition package for routine genotyping and tissues analysis.


1. Fly food distributed weekly by the Department of Biochemistry media kitchen facility

2. Fully operational accounts at the three major Drosophila transgenic stock centers: Bloomington US, Kyoto Japan, Vienna Austria.

3. A collection of over 1500 transgenic lines including: