The Computational Biology Research Group (CBRG) provides computing support for bioinformatics analysis at the WIMM. We have expertise in many aspects of bioinformatics (sequence analysis, microarrays, proteomics and integration). We especially encourage collaborations that require writing custom software, bioinformatics tools and databases.

An account with the CBRG has many benefits and gives automatic access to a large number of molecular biology computing packages and to numerous biological databases. To apply for an account, please fill in the account-request form.

Registering for a CBRG account gives access to the following:

terminalUnlimited one-to-one consultancy time with an experienced bioinformatician

We provide:

Consultation on bioinformatics methods

Expert advice on using appropriate programs or databases, why and how to apply appropriate bioinformatics methodologies or investigating new areas of research.

Custom scripting

The CBRG can provide custom-made computing solutions to help individuals with specific bioinformatics tasks. We have written short scripts to automate repetitive computing analyses as well as longer more complex pipelines. Even if you think it can't be done easily there are often methods that can be developed to automate, mine and visualise your data in new and interesting ways.

Database design

Have you a project that is generating a lot of data? Do you want a place to store and query the results? The CBRG can help build robust databases. If your data is genome related we have successfully used and customised GBrowse and UCSC databases for storing labs' private genome annotations and experiments.

signSecure backed up workspace and file storage

We provide several powerful servers for analysis and large storage areas to upload, download and share your data.

Access to over 200 bioinformatics programs

These are available from the command line but also we provide an easy to use EMBOSS Explorer WWW interface that allows access to a wide range of programs bioinformatics tools. We also maintain the R and Bioconductor suite of tools to facilitate the analysis of large microarray datasets.

Access to bioinformatics databases

We automatically download local copies of major databases and we can download and maintain your favourite databases if you require local access.

Proteomics analysis tools and databases

In collaboration with the Central Proteomics Facility we maintain the MASCOT search tool and custom proteomics databases. Any custom databases can be added to this as required. We also support the Central Proteomics Facility Pipeline.


We are also developing training courses and tutorials in relevant areas of bioinformatics. These will range from basic courses bioinformatics concepts and enable them to make the most of their CBRG accounts, through to more focused bioinformatics analysis in specialised areas including next generation sequencing analysis.

Further details of these courses will be added to the Courses page as they become available.

Grant advice

If you are writing a grant that you think requires a bioinformatics component then please contact us and we will help you write and specify costings.


More details about the CBRG can be found on our external CBRG web site or for more specific information contact genmail (CBRG help email).