Adverse Incident Reporting

Adverse incidents need to be reported so we learn by our mistakes and put corrective measures in place. If there is an adverse incident/event follow the instructions on the emergency notices that are located by every hand wash station in each laboratory. The paperwork to be completed is the same as would be needed in the event of an accident/incident that would normally be completed and sent to the University Safety Office. Once the report is completed, rather than being circulated to the University Safety Office a copy is sent to Dr David Bryan, the HTA LH. Other copies are circulated in the usual way the WIMM DI, the WIMM Facilities Manager, the WIMM Director and the PI concerned. It will also be raised as an agenda item at the next WIMM Health and Safety Committee meeting. Depending upon the nature of the adverse event/incident it may be necessary to contact the HTA immediately. This is the role of the HTA LH/WIMM HTA DI.